Indiana has 92 counties with a little over 1,000 townships. Monroe County is divided into 11 townships. Richland Township covers an area of 35.44 square miles, which includes Ellettsville and the west edge of Bloomington. A township in the United States refers to a small geographic area, ranging in size from 6 to 54 square miles, with 36 square miles being the norm. Township government is a local unit of government and is geographic and political subdivision of a county. A township does not provide long-term support, but may be able to provide relief to residents if an unavoidable situation occurs.  A township works directly with its residents to provide limited relief when they have an unexpected difficulty with their basis needs, such as food, shelter, and utilities.

Richland Township leases a building to the Town of Ellettsville Public Works Department.  The Basketball Courts and Shelter House are leased to the Town of Ellettsville Parks Department. The baseball fields are leased to Richland Bean Blossom Youth Sports (RBBYS).

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Marty Stephens


Richland Township Trustee

The Township Trustee is an elected official who serves a term of four years and administrates the township on behalf of the taxpayers by providing certain services to their residents. Martin Stephens is the current Richland Township Trustee, as of January 1, 2011.

Township Trustees have certain specific duties to perform. Some of the most important and frequently performed duties are: to administer Township Assistance, provide Fire and Ambulance Services to the Township, maintain abandoned cemeteries, maintain township parks, destroy detrimental plants in residential areas, and act as a Notary Public.

Laura Conder Blaker

LAURA Conder Blaker

Township Assistance Coordinator

Laura was born and raised in Monroe County. She graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Communication & Culture and Sociology. She has been working in Township government for over 15 years.


Carman Arteaga

Office Manager

Carman was born in Danville, Indiana. She has lived in Ellettsville for three years and is a mother of two children. She has worked for the Township for over 2 years.

Kathy Dyer

Kathy Dyer

Food Bank Assistant

Kathy was born and raised in Monroe County. However, she moved to California for 18 years but then moved back to Indiana for family. She has worked for the Township for over 4 years.

Sharon Yoder

Administration / Bookkeeper

Sharon was born and raised in Greene County, but now lives in Monroe County. She has been working in Township government for over 25 years.


Are you a resident?

To be eligible for assistance, you must be a resident of our township. Check the map, or enter your address in the link below to see which township you belong to.  You may also contact our office at 812-876-2509 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.