Richland Township Trustee office is a unit of local township government with the goal of helping people as efficiently as possible. 

A township is the most local form of government, closest to the citizens of the township, where they work directly with its residents to provide limited relief or help in times of crisis.

The Richland Township Trustee‘s office serves the residents of Richland Township which includes the west edge of the City of Bloomington, the Town of Ellettsville, the unincorporated towns of Forest Park Heights, Hunter Switch, and West Brook Downs. 

The Trustee provides a food pantry for low income families, provides direct assistance to people with immediate needs, maintains abandoned cemeteries, serves as Public Notary, provides fire protection, and other services.

Richland Township may be able to provide direct assistance with rent, mortgage, utilities (electric, water, natural gas), and food. We are here to help prevent eviction, foreclosures, and utility disconnects for eligible residents. 

Map highlighting Richland Township
Map highlighting Richland Township



Healthnet mobile health center

Health Net Mobile Health Center

Health Net Mobile Unit Richland Township has recently entered into an Agreement with Health Net, Inc. for their mobile health unit to provide medical service to the west side of Monroe County...