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The Richland Township Trustee offers citizens a wide range of services including fire protection, ambulance service, parks and cemetery maintenance as well as weed and trash complaints. 

Richland Township Park is an athletic facility that offers a large shelter house, basketball courts, and baseball fields. Richland Township leases the shelter house and basketball courts to Ellettsville Parks Department.  The baseball fields are leased by Richland Bean Blossom Youth Sports (RBBYS). Richland Township also leases their old office building, 102 S. Park Street, to the Town of Ellettsville and the Street Department.

Recently the Township has upgraded the baseball concession stands by adding new roofs, new ceilings, LED lighting, and new painting. In addition to the concessions stands, the baseball dugouts have been upgraded with new paint, new bleachers, and concrete pads were installed for the blenches on the yellow field.  The Township worked with the Boy Scouts Troop 148 to upgrade the basketball courts with new backboards, rims, and paint.

In 2017 Richland Township worked with Monroe County Soil and Water along with Echo Logic to restore the stream bank along side the baseball fields. The Township is currently working to fixed new erosion issues that were caused from the February 2019 flood. 

In 2018 Richland Township converted the old Ellettsville swimming pool into a parking lot located on Turtleback/Chester Drive. The parking lot was made to provide additional parking especially during baseball season and the Monroe County Fall Festival.

Richland Township Parks are used every September to host the annual Monroe County Fall Festival.  

The Richland Township Trustee office offers free notary service to residents of the township.  Please bring a valid photo ID.


The Trustee's office is responsible for the care and maintenance of abandoned cemeteries in Richland Township.  This includes several of those listed below.  If you would like to know more about these cemeteries or are interested in volunteering for cemetery cleanup, please let us know! There are still a few cemeteries in Richland Township that are listed as lost/not listed at all that may still exist, so if you might have more information on any of these sites, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (812) 876-2509.